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Makiní It Happen
Makiní It Happen provides training, education, in order to build the capacity of individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities to promote positive behaviors in youth that improve the health and well being of our youth. MIH aims to increase the number of protective factors in the lives of youth thereby preventing alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and their related risky behaviors, and increasing positive youth behaviors and attitudes

Strength Based Services International
Strength Based Services International is an organization of treatment and educational agencies and professionals dedicated to using empowerment principles in their work with children and families. Established in 1975, SBSI provides training, advocacy, and support to its memberships.

Teaching Strategies
Teaching Strategies, Inc. publishes curriculum materials about children from birth to age eight for teachers and parents and provides training and workshops on these materials. One of their books, Building the Primary Classroom, by Toni S. Bickart, Judy R. Jablon, and Diane Trister Dodge, specifically shows how to foster resilience in the elementary classroom.

Tucson Resiliency Initiative
Formed in 1998, the Tucson Resiliency Initiative (TRI) works with school-communities to adopt resiliency-building attitudes, policies, and strategies. Funded by a SAMHSA - Center for Mental Health Services grant, TRI's goal is to help schools, families, and communities recognize and utilize the talents and strengths of youth.

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